3 inspiring stories of how people knew their dog was the one

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Whether you’re in the high sweets of southern Utah or the clean Appalachian mountain air, camping is one of the best activities a pet lover can enjoy with a dog!

Credit: SMohney/iStock/GettyImages
Credit: SMohney/iStock/GettyImages

This February, Cuteness has teamed up with Glamping With Pets to give fans a chance to live the good life with their four-legged friend on a camping adventure of a lifetime!

Tips: Take your dog camping

Three lucky puppies have been chosen from hundreds of good guys and girls who, quite frankly, deserve a great camping spot with their skin.


Credit: Erica Stanley
Credit: Erica Stanley

Meet Jax! He is a 10 month old German Shepherd and he is a very good boy. Jax came into Erica Stanley’s life shortly after her husband was diagnosed with cancer.

“Somebody thought I needed it,” Erika wrote. “When he reached into my arms, tears rolled down my face.”

Jax’s loving nature and endless love helped the couple cope with the darkness of cancer and the pressures of treatment.

Credit: Erica Stanley
Credit: Erica Stanley

The good news is that Erika’s husband has made a full recovery after the kidney was removed. She credits Jax with being able to get her through a tough time.

“He was the light of my life. He made me happy when I was sad,” Erica shared. “He saved my heart.”

This 10 month old German Shepherd loves plain cheeseburger, pig ears and vanilla ice cream.

We hope Jax gets some snacks around camp!

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Credit: Tony Tobias
Credit: Tony Tobias

Foreman is a rescue dog that was found in a concrete pit, placed under its deceased mother. He was rescued by his human, Tony Tobias, who had heard reports of a litter of 10 Boxer puppies left to roam. Foreman was one of only four surviving dogs—two brothers and two sisters—when Tony discovered them.

“I knew I had to be his new mum,” she wrote. “I thought to myself that he needs me to give the world.”

Two of the four remaining pups died from the seizures.

Tobias wrote: “He was with his brother until he died.”

The Foreman family adopted another sister who helped Tobias while saving these sweet puppies.

“With so much love and care throughout these 7 beautiful years, I’ve never seen a happier dog,” Tobias broadcasts. “[Foreman] He only has a few years left, and I know he would love to see more of the world and put smiles on everyone he meets.”

Credit: Tony Tobias
Credit: Tony Tobias

Enjoy your ride, Foreman. you deserve it!


Credit: Casey Nunes
Credit: Casey Nunes

This special little dog helped a young woman deal with bullying.

“I would skip class and hide,” Cassie Nunes recalls. “Counsellors were brought in, and so were doctors.”

The professionals recommended to Cassie and her family that a pet might help everyone deal with the terrible situation at school. Cassie went to her local pet store (she’s a big advocate for shelter dogs these days, note) to make a new friend.

She played with a lot of puppies that day, but one unique puppy with jagged teeth caught her eye.

“This little tune, with his missing teeth and hyperactive attitude, hits home,” Cassie wrote.

“I picked him up at only 8 weeks old and brought him home. Bad teeth and all,” writes the happy dog ​​mom.

Midnight with Cassie for almost 9 years now! We hope these two have a great time camping!

Do you have a story to share about your first case of puppy love? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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