6 Reasons to Repeat for Senior Cat Adoption in 2023

6 أسباب مكررة لاعتماد كبار القط

Photo by: Rick Antuono / Bigstock

Sure, cats are cute, but big cats are the perfect pets because they are fully equipped with invaluable pet experience! This is why this gem is not overlooked in shelters.

Although kittens and kittens are cuddly and irritating to walk into your local animal shelter, an older cat in need of a home will be just as sweet, loving, and loyal as any kitten will be.

Need some reasons to consider adopting a senior kitty and saving his life in the process? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the best reasons why you should add a skinny cat to your family.

Fully developed character

Kittens are still growing and developing, not only in body but also in mind, so when you adopt a kitten, you don’t know what you’re really into. The opposite is true, though, of great simpletons, provided they are not frightened or stressed in shelters that they hide their true colours.

Senior cat personalities are already developed, so you’ll know if you adopt an independent kitty who will give you space or a kitty who really wants to cuddle with you every chance he gets. You will also know if the cat will be okay if you live in a home with other pets, including other animals.

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calm attitude

Kittens and kittens have a lot of energy that they need to expend, which means they don’t think often of running around the house (in the middle of the night) accidentally knocking things over or using their claws where they shouldn’t. On the other hand, adult cats don’t need to learn the ropes, so there’s less discipline and training involved and you’re more comfortable with your furry friend.

An older cat is sure to be totally content with cuddling, enjoying treats, and spending time with you. He may be willing to play for a little while each day, but he won’t have the energy of a younger cat, so you can take things easy.

Good manners

An older cat will already know how to use the litter box, how to use the scratching post without scratching the furniture, and how to behave around humans. Again, with less training, you can instead spend more time simply enjoying your new pet’s company.

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Fewer primary medical procedures

When you adopt a kitten, you usually need to give him a series of necessary vaccinations, as well as deworming medications, to ensure his health. Once old enough, you will also need to have your kittens spayed/neutered as well.

But when you adopt an adult kitty, spay/neuter surgery will most likely not be required. And a thin cat may not need deworming medications or the full course of vaccinations that a cat does, although your vet may recommend booster cats, if needed.

Of course, your adoptive cat, be it a kitten or a kitten, should also be examined by a veterinarian for health.

Save a life and get unconditional love in return

Older cats are some of the hardest cats to house, with many of them ending up either in no-kill shelters for extended periods of time, or in kill shelters to be culled. By adopting the supreme piece, you will save your life before it is too late.

Many pet owners who have adopted senior cats will feel like their pets know they are rescued. In return, these animals live out the rest of their lives and demonstrate unconditional love for their human companions.

Offer a second chance

When adopting an older kitty, try to get as much information as possible about his previous homes and medical history. The rescue may be able to tell you how he ended up in the shelter, and this can tell you about the life he used to lead. Were the cats neglected, for example, or did he live with an elderly person who died? Regardless, by adopting a senior cat, you will be giving him a second chance to enjoy life again and be comfortable for the rest of his days.

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