6 Super Serious Reasons Why Black Cats Are AWESOME 2023

6 سوبر أسباب خطيرة لماذا القطط السوداء هي رهيبة

6 Super Serious Reasons Why Black Cats Are Awesome

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It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day! We believe they should be celebrated all year long, so we put together a list of six seriously good reasons why black cats are awesome.

You have heard that the absurd superstition of a black cat crossing your path produces bad luck. Well, some people think that’s true, and it’s one of the factors why thousands of black cats are left homeless in animal shelters each year. In fact, black cats are just as big as any other cat – they just might be better!

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Why do black cats have a problem?

According to a study of ASPCA registries involving more than 300,000 pet adoptions, euthanasia numbers were highest for black cats and dogs. This study revealed euthanasia rates of 19 percent for black dogs and 30 percent for black cats. This study also revealed high adoption rates for black cats and dogs, but it is important to note that intake numbers for black pets are also among the highest. Using the data from this study, if one black dog and one white dog were given over to a shelter on any given day and both were adopted, there would still be two black dogs left behind, awaiting adoption. In terms of why black cats and dogs are less likely to be adopted is important, considering the effects of superstition. More important, however, is the fact that colored cats and kittens tend to stand out more than solid black cats. If the cat is not attracting attention at the shelter, the likelihood of it being adopted is low.

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Six reasons why black cats are awesome

Not all black cats are the same – there are 21 different breeds of black cat, each with its own unique set of physical and personality traits. Bombays are the most popular of the black cat breeds, and these cats are known for being friendly, intelligent, playful, and people-oriented. If you still need some convincing, consider six seriously serious reasons why black cats are awesome:

  1. They make great ninjas. Black Cats really do live a life of espionage – they don’t need a special costume to blend into the shadows!
  2. Black goes with every outfit. If you have a cat, you should get used to covering your clothes with fur. The benefit of owning a black cat is that lions go well with every outfit!
  3. Black is the color of slimming. Black is a color that looks great on everyone and your black cat will look just as good!
  4. Black never goes out of style. While color trends come and go, black will never go out of style. Black cat will become your favorite accessory!
  5. The black cat will make you mysterious. Owning a black cat automatically gives you a part of your mystical side.
  6. You will save a life. You can’t forget that by adopting a black cat, you’ll be saving lives and doing your part to help reduce the number of unwanted pets!

If you are thinking of opening your home to a new feline friend, seriously consider adopting a black cat. While adopting any cat saves a life, adopting a black cat means saving the life of a cat who may be in dire need of rescue. Let’s say it all together – “Black cats are beautiful!”

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