Animal rights organization questions TMZ video manipulation

منظمة حقوق الحيوان أسئلة TMZ التلاعب بالفيديو - مدونة 2023

Photo by: Purpose Dog

American Humane claims that the recently “leaked” TMZ video showing animal abuse of canine actors in the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” was modified with the purpose of misleading the public.

You’ve probably seen that… video featuring footage from the movie, “A Dog’s Purpose.” The clip shows a coach forcing a scared and nervous German actor to swim. Since its release, there has been public outcry and a boycott of the film for alleged immoral and offensive practices.

But American Humane, a neutral animal rights organization committed to ensuring the safety, health and welfare of animals says an independent third-party investigation of the film determined the leaked video was intentionally modified to mislead and incite public incitement to animal treatment.

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American Humane certifies that no animals are harmed in TV and film depictions, and said a video shot in Winnipeg in 2015 was deliberately manipulated to make it appear as if the dog was terrified. The video, which was circulated online, shows a trainer trying to put the dog into a pond made to look like rapids, while the dog desperately tries to escape. Then, the clip showed the dog being submerged underwater for several seconds, followed by the trainers shouting, “Whoa!”

American Humane says that the two scenes that appear in the edited video were clearly shot at different times, and that the dog shown in the first part of the clip was the reason the scene was stopped. More, they say that according to the findings of the investigation, they stand firm in saying that the dog never had to swim in the water at any time.

Although the canine actor was chosen because he loved the water, and was trained and groomed for several weeks, American Humane says he was never asked to do anything that showed signs of discomfort with him. In fact, in the final scene, the dog’s handlers immediately helped him out of the water and led him into a warm tent to be carefully examined. Showing no signs of stress, he seemed to want to get back in the water, but just out of caution, American Humane finished filming any more scenes with the dog.

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In response to the outcry and several interruptions, American Humane says a third-party investigation conducted by a respected animal bio-expert asked why the edited videotape had so obviously “leaked” more than 15 months after it was shot, and especially before the film was released. directly. Grand opening. Although the organization agrees that the handling of the dog in the first scene could have been kinder, and the acknowledgment of distress could have occurred earlier, once recognized, it was immediately stopped, and the dog’s care was a priority for the entire task force.

“Great,” said lead actor Dennis Quaid that he was there the whole time and didn’t see anything but the animals being treated. The leader said if there was any neglect or mistreatment of any of the animals, he walked off set, and finds the entire leak of the intentionally manipulated (and sold for money) video to be outrageous.

Despite the controversy, the film brought in $20 million upon opening and was a runner-up in the top movies, which is what the filmmakers expect, and they attribute this to dedicated animal lovers looking for the “truth” for their film.

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