Bichon Friesie – Breeds 2023

بشون فريزي - السلالات 2023

  • to rise: 9-12 inches
  • Weight: 7 – 12 lbs
  • life span: 12-14 years old
  • group: AKC is sports
  • Best suitable for: Families with children, singles, the elderly, apartments, houses with / without yards
  • print: Cheerful, energetic, sweet, perky, bouncy
  • Similar Breeds: Poodle, Maltese

Bichon Frize Basics

The Bichon Frize is, as expected, a French breed. As you can derive from the root word “Bich,” the dog’s name has its roots in the Old French, literal translation. Like the Maltese, the various Bich breeds came from the Mediterranean region and have a long history throughout Europe and European trade. Sailors would bring similar breeds with them, and thanks to their cheerful personality, these dogs would be a hit, especially in places like Spain. Later, the Italian nobility found these types of breeds to be very interesting and without a doubt gave them a lot of time.

This background in sailing can still be a guide because the breed can sometimes enjoy swimming and retrieving, although the Bichon Frize is definitely not a hunting or retrieving dog. Throughout history, the Bichon Frize has garnered French attention from the courts of Napoleon III to the streets of Paris. The breed was officially recognized in recent centuries just as many dog ​​breeds have been.


The Water Spaniel and Standard Poodle look similar to the Bichon Frize, and it’s no wonder: These can be considered direct lions to the Bichon Frize. Reference should be made to the Barbet Spaniel – which is sometimes another name for the Water Spaniel – as you may find some articles mentioning this pedigree.

The dog has found a variety of homes over the ages in countries such as Spain, France and Italy, and has even traveled to the Canary Islands before being brought back to the European homeland. These breeds – such as the Maltese and Bichon Frize – have enjoyed a rich and varied history as a favorite of nobility and royalty as well as the most common classes across Europe. They were their favorite cheerful characters even leading into modern times.

Food / diet

Whole foods including good cuts of meat are great for a Bichon Frize.  It can be easy to spoil them, but make sure they get a steady diet of whole, natural foods that they can enjoy.  Don't feed them.
Whole foods including good cuts of meat are great for a Bichon Frize. It can be easy to spoil them, but make sure they get a steady diet of whole, natural foods that they can enjoy. Don’t feed them.

Italian nobility found these types of breeds very interesting and no doubt gave them a lot of lap time.


In general, the Bichon Frize is a worry-free dog in terms of training which is probably why they were so popular in the trading world in Europe where it would be easy for a dog to be acquired and acclimated to ventures such as sailing and bartering. It may take a little patience to handle a Bichon Frize if you are a first-time dog owner, but proper training will go a long way for this breed. Getting to know this dog with other dogs early on is definitely a good idea.


Larger than a Maltese in many cases, the Bichon Frize should weigh anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds, depending on their general frame and possibly their gender. This is a good little dog for laps and if you notice that your dog is a little too exhausted on your lap while watching TV, you can be pretty sure that you are going to give your dog a little more exercise.


Cheerful and energetic, the Bichon Frize was a favorite with ancient European sailors as it is in homes in Europe and America today.

joint health problems


Let’s talk about K Health for the Moment: The Bichon Frize is a hypoallergenic dog that was bred to work well with humans who have allergies. But it’s important to spend some time around the Bichon Frize to understand that it does leave some hair around it despite its reputation as being non-shedding.

In terms of disease tendencies, autoimmune diseases do plague this breed so it would be important to ask your vet about warning signs of diseases in the Bichon Frize.

life expectancy

Lives around 12-13 years with a healthy life typical for this type and size of dog.

practice requirements

Regular exercise and fun should be a daily regimen for the Bichon Frize. Giving them plenty of social interaction at the same time is always a plus to keep pets’ moods good and stable.

You’ll want to keep that white, fluffy coat well-groomed and properly groomed, but a dog who isn’t Mark will be rearing up on your rug, too.


The Bichon Frize is stated to be “cheerful and happy,” and the American Kennel Club notes that this breed is a “naturally gentle and playful dog.”


The Bichon Frize’s coat can be a topic of debate, as can the amount of grooming required. You’ll want to maintain that fluffy, white coat well-groomed and properly groomed, but the dog is not a breed that will litter your carpet.


Playful and energetic even with adults, be sure to give puppies plenty of time and space to explore but don’t let them cross paths until they are very independent. Be sure to socialize these dogs early with the well-behaved dogs in your neighborhood.

Photo credit: Viorel Sima/Shutterstock

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