Dog flu continues to spread across the Earth 2023

استكمال: استمرار انفلونزا الكلب ينتشر في جميع أنحاء الأرض

UPDATE: Dog flu continues to spread across the Earth

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*****Updated 01/22/2015***

Although the Chicago Reader previously reported that canine influenza was on the decline in the Chicago area, reports of canine influenza are beginning to appear in the Midwest and Southern regions.


CBS reports that only about 90 cases outside of the Seattle area have been observed by the King County, WA public health advisory. [كبس] Also says that dog in [مونتنا] He recently tested positive for influenza.

NBC9 News in Colorado claims that cases of canine influenza have been reported in more than two dozen states, but neglects to indicate if Colorado is one of them, citing only the cases listed above.


Dogs in Atlanta, GA saw an increase in testing positive for the flu over the summer, according to WSB – TV 2 Atlanta, but the news organization has not released whether it has seen a rise or decrease in local cases since then. On January 14, the Atlanta local federal affiliate Fox reported recent cases in Los Angeles County for updates on the local situation.

Channel 5 News (KFSM) out of Fort Smith, Arkansas says no case has been reported in Arkansas, but is warning its readers that its puppies may still be at risk and limiting exposure.

With reports popping up all over the continental United States, it seems like pretty solid advice.

Check to see if dog flu has been reported in your state, and learn more in the video below.


And now to the not-so-good news: NBC reports that cases of canine flu have been confirmed in Texas and Ohio, in addition to suspected cases in Wisconsin and Indiana. LiveScience stresses that this flu is a different strain than the one that has been circulating since 2004. Although there is a vaccine for this flu, experts don’t know if it protects against the current outbreak. Pharmaceutical companies are developing a new vaccine against the current strain, but it will not be available for 4-6 months.


Until that time comes, if you are in an infected area, what can you do? Keep furry friends away from crowded dog hangouts, including parks, hotels, pet sitters, and pet stores. Wash your hands and change your clothes after petting other dogs to reduce potential exposure. And when in doubt, seek veterinary care!

And regardless of whether you’re in the Midwest or beyond, be careful, know the symptoms of canine flu, keep calm and stay tuned for more updates!

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