Dog Park Swaps Rules – Behavior 2023

قواعد مقايضة الكلاب بارك - سلوك 2023

Seat dog parks provide dogs with the opportunity to run, play, exercise and interact with their owners and other dogs without any restraint. For this kind of environment to be a pleasant place for everyone, the rules of public courtesy and safety must be observed by all.


Train your dog

For his safety and the safety of dog owners and other pets, your dog should be well trained (especially with recombination) before you lead him to the dog park. Either train your dog to basic obedience commands yourself (eg sit, stay, come, leave, etc.) or enroll him in a behavior education class at a pet store or community center. Having a dog that obeys your verbal commands or hand signals will ensure that you control your pup in what can be a noisy dog ​​park environment.

Get dungeon

Make sure your dog is updated on all necessary vaccinations before taking him to an off-leash dog park. A dog that is not properly vaccinated has the potential to spread the disease to other dogs, or contract something from a sick or infected animal. Try to steer your dog away from other dog waste, pick up your dog’s poop and dispose of it in appropriate receptacles to protect against the spread of germs and disease.

Sterilization or Neuter

To prevent unintentional breeding among dogs who go off leash in a dog park, neuter your dog before he reaches breeding age. If your dog is of borderline age, or if you plan to breed your own pup, you need to keep a close eye on your dog to ensure that no accidental mating occurs. If you have a female dog in heat, avoid the leash dog park entirely.

Teaching socialization skills

Your dog must be well socialized to people and other animals before he goes to an off-leash dog park. Ideally, you will have your dog socialized from an early age so that he understands proper behavior when it comes to interacting with others. If you have a newly rehomed dog or a puppy from a shelter, going to a leashed dog park may not be the safest and most effective way to teach basic socialization. Consider a dog park on a leash or a low-profile public place to start.

Leave as necessary

If your dog gets into a fight with another dog, doesn’t obey your commands or displays behaviors that are inappropriate for a dog park, leave immediately. Holding in or continuing bad behavior can anger other dog owners, making it difficult to welcome them back to the park at a later date. Offer responsible pet ownership and remove the dog when necessary. This is for his safety, peace of mind and goodwill from other pet owners.

Written by Lisa McQueary

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