Eco-friendly PawNosh Fire Hose Bowls are perfect for dogs on the go 2023

صديقة للبيئة PawNosh النار خرطوم السلطانيات مثالية للكلاب على الذهاب

Eco-friendly PawNosh Fire Hose Bowls are perfect for dogs on the go

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Are you an on-the-go pet parent who just happens to be eco-friendly? We have a collapsible dog bowl for you – the PawNosh Fire Hose Bowl.

At Oxgut Hose, founder Laura Le Wunsch combined efforts and hiked 90,000 feet, or 17 miles, of her burial-style fire. A retired firehose is used to make products that range from purses to chairs and, now, a line of collapsible bowl dishes.

Sachi Ushihara, co-founder of PawNosh, has partnered with Wunsch on the brand’s new travel dishes. “We approached our idea because we knew there were untapped applications in the pet space for Hose that she’s currently reclaiming for her company’s projects in home decor, furnishings, and personal accessories,” said Ushihara. “The fire hose is environmentally friendly and very durable, easy to clean, and collapsible. The idea for the Fire Hose Bowl came to life by developing a food and drink surface (silicone) and previewing it with the fire hose as a strong and flexible outer wall.”

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PawNosh, known for its 100 percent recycled glass bowls, continues its commitment to US sourcing and manufacturing with travel bowls. All Firehouse has been sourced from Oxgut in the US. According to Ushihara, “Every component in our bowl, from the hose to the silicone, strap, and thread, is produced in the USA, and every piece is hand-sewn in Northern California.”

The Fire Hose Bowl is available in three colors – Royal, Khaki and Cabernet – in one size. It’s large enough to fill with food or water but collapses to a size that easily fits into a backpack or even a pocket. Plus, the bowls are dishwasher safe.

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“We created the Fire Hose Travel Bowl to offer a safe, sustainable and stylish option for pets and their owners on the go,” said Ushihara. “The inner bowl that holds the food and water is made of non-toxic, food-grade silicone. Many of the canvas and nylon bottom bowls are of questionable composition, some are treated with wax or other coatings to prevent water leakage, and none are checked.” We wanted to make sure our salad was 100% safe.”

To purchase the Fire Hose Bowl for $34 or to learn more, visit PawNosh.


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