Here’s what funny dogs think of 2023

وهنا ما يعتقد الكلاب مضحك 2023

Did you know that dogs can laugh? Crazy but true. Findings from researchers in canine gelotology, the study of if and how dogs laugh, show that dogs make a forced pure sound, usually during playtime similar to but not panting. What is this? comical laughter!

credit: taniche/iStock/GettyImages
credit: taniche/iStock/GettyImages

Konrad Lorenz, author man meets dog (1949), explains in his book that canine laughter occurs when a dog’s lips are loose and gathered at the sides of his mouth, accompanied by rapid, heavy puffing. This is the canine equivalent of human laughter and is usually an invitation to play!

What dogs find funny?

While it may seem obvious, nothing makes a dog happier than a loving and playful owner who provides her with plenty of mental stimulation. If you were to see your dog in a good mood, he would likely be happy and laughing while spending time with you. widows and orphans! Above all, dogs will find humans funnier because this is who they spend the most time with. A magic trick or pretend throwing a ball can be considered as a form of play for your dog. If you do these acts of love (not harmful), then your dog is sure to be the smartest and funniest player around.

credit: natapetrovich/iStock/GettyImages
credit: natapetrovich/iStock/GettyImages

Dogs have always been known to have a sense of humor.

Studies from the History of Humor From the history of humor all the way back to Charles Darwin! The scientist famous for his studies of human evolution took a look at the behavior of dogs to examine the parallels with human behavior. Darwin found that dogs are not only playful but display a sense of humor and will go as far as playing tricks of their own on humans. In the 1872 edition of The Descent of Man, Darwin wrote:

Dogs display what can be called to some extent a sense of humor, which differs from mere play. If a stick or other object is thrown at an object, it will often carry it away for a short distance. Then, squatting on the ground near him, he will wait until his master comes too close to take him away. The dog will seize it and then lunge away in triumph, repeating the same maneuver, evidently enjoying the practical joke.”

Basically, if you pretend to throw the stick, don’t be surprised if the dog pretends to put it back. Oh Fido, that’s hardly!

Credit: Olga Skripnik/iStock/GettyImages
Credit: Olga Skripnik/iStock/GettyImages

The Internet proves that dogs find humans funny.

If you try to imitate your dogs laugh, he will find your human tone hilarious and may even laugh at you!

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And if all else fails, dogs, like humans, will find tickle it all (because none of us can help it).

How about growling with that laughter?

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Or some heavy breathing that really means, “Omg, stop tickling me!”

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Some breeds have a greater sense of humor than others.

Any dog ​​with a playful owner is bound to produce a laugh or two, but some breeds are known to have a greater sense of humor than others! It’s impossible to know exactly what a dog is thinking, but humans can pick up on cues that allow us to know if puppies are happy, sad, hungry, or ready to play!

And Dr. Benjamin Hart and Lynette Hart, animal behaviorists from the University of California-Davis, found it Dog breeds with a great sense of humor are the ones that are most playful. They defined “playful” as those who are most willing to catch the ball or play hide-and-seek, for example. Perhaps with little surprise, the Irish setter, English spaniel, airedale, golden retriever and poodle ranked highest while the cocker spaniel, basset hound and spaniel ranked lowest. Those in the latter group tend to be no-nonsense working dogs who have no time for your jokes!

Not funny.  Credit: Roxetron
Not funny. Credit: Roxetron


Whether you own a terrified dog or a circling dog, keeping your dog mentally stimulated with tricks and games is sure to make him happy, and you might even get a laugh out of him! Our puppies provide us with so much joy and we happily do the same for them. Whether they are laughing with us or at us, our dogs find us the funniest.



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