How to take care of a Pit Bull puppy

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While pit bulls can make excellent family pets, they have been tortured across the country for aggressive behavior. However, many dogs are inaccurately identified as pit bulls when they are, in fact, unknown mixed breeds or different breeds entirely. Today’s pit bulls were bred from English bull-baiting dogs and faster blades for the purpose of dog fighting. It is important to take good care of your pit bull and make him a good example for the breed.

Pit bulls need socialization, exercise and training.  credit: cynoclub/iStock/Getty Images
Pit bulls need socialization, exercise and training. credit: cynoclub/iStock/Getty Images

Socializing your Pit Bull

Because pit bulls were originally bred to fight dogs and other animals, he began socializing the animals right away. Pit bulls can have a strong prey instinct, so start their socialization on a leash. Start by teaching him to look you over with a treat each time you say his name. When introducing him to another animal, first say your dog’s name and reward him for looking at you. Wait until he responds to your commands and looks at you before letting him sniff the other animal. Reward with praise and treat any positive interaction, such as sniffing or trying to play. If he gets very excited, barks or growls, put him in a time-out and wait for him to calm down. Keep the interaction short and positive.

Train your pit bull

In addition to socialization, your pit bull will need plenty of positive training to ensure that he behaves properly. Pit bulls are very energetic and tend to jump on the company and pull on their leash. Start by taking your dog to a training class so that she will be exposed to other dogs during training. All greetings begin on a leash and never greet your dog while jumping. Soon you will learn that they can only greet while calm and polite. If you start to withdraw, stop walking. When she gets the leash loose by turning, praise her and keep walking. This positive training will increase your bond and reduce the chances of triggering negative behaviour.

Exercise your pit bull

Like many breeds bred for activity, pit bulls have a lot of energy. To control this, plan to exercise your pit bull for at least an hour each day, especially as a teenager, around 6 to 18 months. While walking is good exercise, pit bulls love to run and chase, so include at least half of your exercise time playing with other dogs, chasing a ball or running. This will help your dog learn to be quiet in the house because he will have an outlet for energy.

Feed you pit bull

As a mixed breed, pit bulls have a few common health problems. However, many of them are known to suffer from allergies, so it is important to choose high quality food. Avoid foods with grains and choose protein based on your dog. If chewing or scratching is frequent, try switching food. Another common health problem that pit bulls face is hip and elbow dysplasia, which can be exacerbated by weight gain. To avoid this, feed him the recommended amount, alternating it based on the amount of exercise he is receiving. You should be able to easily feel the ribs on your bull.

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