How to Use Your Dog to Get Out of 12 Awkward Situations 2023

كيفية استخدام الكلب الخاص بك للخروج من المواقف 12 محرجا

How to use your dog to get out of 12 awkward situations

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We all stumble upon those difficult moments that are just a part of everyday life. Good thing us dog lovers have a handy sidekick that often acts as a buffer for those situations! Just follow our helpful how-to guide below to become a complete Embarrassment Coach.

1. When your blind date goes horribly wrong and you’re out of there.


Step 1: Check your phone.

Step 2: Taylor Swift’s dramatic face made her “shock”.

Step 3: Tell him you forgot to leave the patio door open and to get home to let your dog out.

The fourth step: quickly! Block his number.

2. When you have unexpected company and your house is a mess.


Step 1: Smile broadly and graciously welcome guests to your humble abode.

Step 2: Distract guests by asking them to take off their shoes.

Step 3: He exclaimed in shock, “Oh my God, it looks like my dog ​​literally just had a terrible moment and destroyed her toys everywhere in a flurry!” Please excuse the mess – this is just the opposite of us!

The fourth step: Secretly smile to yourself at your speed in saving your butt.

3. When you address someone and it turns out that it is someone you do not know.


Step 1: Continue waving and looking at your pup.

Step 2: Quickly whisper a command to your dog under your breath.

Step 3Loudly praise your dog for any behavior he does. Wave, jump, lie down, it doesn’t matter. Just say “Good boy! What a good boy!”

Step 4: walk along as if nothing happened.

4. When the stomach sank into a silent room.


Step 1: Look around and see if anyone notices.

Step 2: If anyone looks at you, they quickly let out a chuckle.

Step 3: He says, “My dear, I must have forgotten to feed Buster again. How foolish of me!”

The fourth step: Head to the kitchen and pretend to feed your dog.

5. Getting hit while waiting for your Uber, bus, taxi, etc.


Step 1: The dog patted his head.

Step 2: Look at your watch.

Step 3: End the awkward conversation by saying, “Oh, look at the time! We’re taking a really long break now. Gotta keep the heart rate up. Let’s go!”

The fourth step: Proceed to quickly walk your dog away from the creepy man.

6. On purpose having toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe.


Step 1: Quickly make sure the toilet paper you’re holding is clean.

Step 2: She gleefully exclaimed, “Oh that darn puppy! Roll our CLEAN toilet paper like it was a toy or something. Now I get off cleaning everything.”

Step 3: Get rid of the toilet paper faster than a dog can devour a hot dog.

7. Getting caught playing hockey from your boss.


Step 1: Whatever you do, act naturally.

Step 2: Greet your boss and tell him your dog caught a cold too (scientifically possible…right?)?

Step 3: Deflect the conversation by saying you’re on your way to get your dog to the vet…in that shopping cart…at the store.

The fourth step: Jog away while coughing and sneezing.

8. When you are invited to something you don’t want to go to at all.


Step 1: Thank the gracious host for your invitation.

Step 2: Check your calendar on your phone or in your planner with an excited smile on your face.

Step 3: Wipe that grin off your face and yell, “OHHH NO….SO sorry I have to do Doggy’s birthday party the other day…maybe next time?”

The fourth step: Delight in the glory that you no longer need to attend the event.

9. Going down the stairs, on the stairs, or simply on the sidewalk…


Step 1: Get fast with grace.

Step 2: State that your dog happened to get trapped between your feet.

Step 3: Pat your dog to make sure he doesn’t get hurt from being “between your feet.”

The fourth step: Move

10. Pushing yourself into a crowded elevator.


Step 1: Look around to see if anyone gives you mean looks.

Step 2: All you need to do is respond to those mean words by saying, “My dog ​​has a bad back and can’t stand stairs. Thank you for your understanding.”

Step 3: Wait for the resounding AWW. The dog may even pat it on the head.

11. When you burst into laughter and no one else is amused.


Step 1: Closing lonely laughter.

Step 2: If anyone looks at you, just tell your dog do something hilarious.

Step 3: Share a fun fact about your dog to redirect people’s attention.

The fourth step: Let people tell you to pet your dog and you will forget everything.

12. Finally, bodily odors. Only longing.


There is only one simple step required: say “The dog was.”

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