Hunks and Hounds make up for the 2017 Rescuers Calendar 2023

الكتل وهاوندز تشكل لعام 2017 رجال الإنقاذ التقويم 2023

rescue men…bringing the new meaning of the word “Superhero!” These inspiring humanitarians pose with their adopted dogs for 12 months of hot dates!

A picture of, if you like, your “superhero”.

You’re probably picturing the head and some big muscles in tight clothes. Doing, you know… supernatural things like flying through the air and rescuing damsels in distress.

Now, check out what real champions look like!

Yes, we'd like to introduce you to the InspcueMen...inspirational humanitarians whose best friends are animals as an sanctuary.
Yes, we’d like to introduce you to the InspcueMen…inspirational humanitarians whose best friends are animals as an sanctuary.

Oh, and it just so happened to be a tall drinking water, if you know what we mean!

RescueMen USA is an organization co-founded by Jen Halopern (President of Pillows for Claws) and Felicia Greenfield (Founder of Grandpa Dave’s Amenities) to promote the philosophy of “Adopt, D”T shop!”.

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Each year, about 2.4 million healthy, inbred pets are euthanized at shelters. That’s about one animal every 13 seconds, and the founders of RescueMen find it totally unacceptable. (Shouldn’t we all?)

And while Halloburn and Greenfield both run their own animal charities, they’re both working together to figure out how to spread the “adopt, don’t shop!” movement. “We wanted to get to the non-animal population,” says Greenfield. To give them the message “Adopt, don’t shop!”

What is the best way to communication More than highlighting the inspiring men (oh, and addicts!) who rescue, foster, and/or adopt their animal companions, and in doing so change their lives forever.

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Prior to the release of the 2017 Creationist Almanac (which comes out next month!), the almanac featured men mostly local or well-known in the New York City area, with both women running their other charities.

They wanted to get bigger, though… get a message out to people across the country who didn’t know about the horrors of life in shelters or puppy mills, and so they called the guys out of the area for a more patriotic appeal. (Mr. April is Cooper Barnes, who portrays the superhero dog on Nickelodeon hit “Henry Danger”). He also wants to allow people to see the softer side of shelter dogs — to see extraordinary men (and again, hot!) the most normal of things with these amazing shelter dogs. In doing so, they hope, the myth that you won’t find a great pet at the shelter is shattered. “Animals from shelters can be good,” Greenfield says. or even better, of the animals you find at a pet store,” and if we look through the look at the relationships between pets and humans in this calendar, it’s pretty straightforward!

All proceeds from the calendar go to the Halloween organization, Pills for Paws. And paw pads provide local shelters with staples that they believe will not only benefit the animals’ overall health and well-being, but make them more adoptable as well. Dogs and cats that benefit from supplies (beds, chew toys and enrichment items) are more relaxed and happier, which makes them more attractive to someone looking for a forever pet.

Calendar guys come from all walks of life… dentists, IT guys, cover models (yes, cover models!), and they’re smart, witty (and handsome!) guys who want to set an example for anyone interested in adding a pet to their family. They know best friends are already in shelters, and they want the world to know how to adopt them, not so much shopping.

And let’s be honest… who doesn’t listen to these people?

So, next time when you think of a Superhero, forget his tights and think of him these Rescuers are doing what they do best… to save the lives of precious shelter animals across the country.

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