My dog-inspired resolutions for 2015 2023

الجنرال Y Dogma: قراراتي المستوحاة من الكلاب لعام 2015

We must forget the old resolutions… Christina Beden introduced some new resolutions. What’s different this year – they all have a relationship with her dog, Matilda.

Ah, another year comes and goes. How fast does time fly? And why does it seem to speed up the older we get?! Now, there is a question that will likely never be answered.

Like most people, the transition from the old year to the new brings a time of renewal. What went well, what didn’t, what we’d like to do better or different next year…you know the drill.

I’m not usually keen on making New Year’s resolutions myself because honestly I have a grip on it. In turn, I then feel more generous not to keep resolutions! It is a vicious and unproductive cycle.

However, it’s easier for me to stick to things when I know they’re having a positive effect on the people I care about (or in this case, the puppies I care about). That’s why I decided to put together a list of things I want to accomplish as a loving mom in 2015. They’re simple and not overly lofty, but they’re things that will make a positive difference to my life and Matilda’s (and Ryan’s!), so I’m actually kind of excited to get started.

Read on to find out what I hope to achieve this year!

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Obedience training

Ryan and I had said for months that we would take Matilda to some obedience classes, but this is the year we finally do.

Don’t get me wrong – Matilda isn’t a “bad dog”; It’s just a high-energy breed that’s still technically a puppy (with parents who also don’t go overboard with training). They are easily moved (especially when we catch up with another dog on the sidewalk), jump on the leash and can be a little “mouthy” when they play (which is fine with other dogs, but not so much with humans). She’s also so sweet, cuddly, submissive, and cuddly that she wouldn’t harm a fly (though she might chase off a squirrel or two).

So for us, it just works on the finer points of good dog behaviour, which we know they’ll learn in no time, because they’re insanely smart. I swear to a dog, obedience lessons are more for Ryan and me! We need training on how to train our dog. After we know what we’re doing and start being consistent, things will be easy.

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Become (foster) parents a mother

As much as I want a second dog, now I’m probably more in love with the idea of ​​that after that being a realization of what the actual reality would be like, so I’m kind of trying to adopt the idea of ​​another dog for now.

He said I would really love to promote on behalf of one of the many amazing rescue organizations we have in and around Toronto. Collectively, we have a lot of friends who foster, and I’ve also spoken with a bunch of people at the dog park who have done this, and they all speak of an amazing and rewarding experience. And in a way, we’ll be helping more dogs than adopting just one. Giving a homeless dog a happy and loving temporary home while they are waiting for a forever one is an amazing thing and it means one less dog languishing in a shelter kennel.

Overall, I would like to be part of a dog show that may have gotten off to a solid start in life, as it feels like living in a home where they have their love, and merchandising is a great way to do that.

Start running with Matilda

I guess it wouldn’t be the new year without some kind of fitness fix, right?

I keep saying I’d like to start working out again (and I do, but I’m also great at coming up with excuses not to!). Ryan noted that Matilda would make a great friend — after all, she has no shortage of energy whatsoever.

Enough, we just ran a PetGuide article this week on how to start working with your dog, so I can no longer use the “I don’t know how” excuse to run with Matilda. Agony #1 = Destroyed!

Excuse #2 I need to destroy is that I “don’t have the right equipment,” which is only partially true. I have the right to run the equipment for myself, even for winter runs. I just need some things for Matilda. For example, I’d really like a human-fitting bungee strap at the waist. I’ve heard that going with your dog is much easier and of course, they leave your hands free. I’ve heard Iron Doggy and RuffWear are good bets, but if you have any personal suggestions, share them below – I’m all ears!

Start making homemade things for my Pooch

Inspired by Amy, our sweet editor here at PetGuide (and maybe a little Martha Stewart), I’d like to start giving Matilda homemade treats this year, and maybe even tie her a dog sweater or two!

Matilda has been fortunate enough to receive several of Amy’s amazing creations over the past year, and she loves every single one of them. And really, there is no shortage of amazing recipes on PetGuide, so I have no excuse not to try my hand at some of them.

And I really must be getting old, because I recently decided to take up knitting again. I actually got used to yawning as a kid, which is a skill I’ve lost over time. In a few weeks I’ll be taking a knitting class to learn how to make a scarf. Of course, I hope to expand my repertoire to include sweaters as soon as possible! And not just the sweaters for me or Ryan, but for Matilda as well — I can just picture her frolicking around in a little red sweater (so CUTE!).

Well, guys. Did you make any pet-related resolutions for 2015 and if so, what were they? Share them below in the comments!

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