One brave man’s attempt to ensure that no Poo is left behind in 2023

محاولة رجل واحد شجاع لضمان عدم ترك أي Poo وراءها 2023

In an effort to save the shoes nationwide, Chad Logan goes across the country to spread the word. Pet parents want to catch their dog’s poop – and we’ve got the inside scoop!

I don’t remember how I came upon Chad Logan’s website or his case, “No Poo Leaving Behind”. Maybe I’m just a magnet for these kinds of topics. But the truth of this Sadrist encounter was clear — I needed to tell his story.

I had a chance to talk with Chad about his mission, the CD tour, the US tour, and why he does what he does.

PG: How did you come up with the idea for “No Poo Left Behind”?

Chad: Well, it started with Pick Up the Juice, a campaign that aims to get dog owners to do the right thing. The idea came to me after I took our dog, Gus (a black Lab mix we adopted 12 years ago), out for a morning walk on June 10th (my birthday). Along the way, I counted not one, not three, but six piles of dog dope left behind… There were five on the lawn and one in the middle of the sidewalk. I remember thinking about these wishes: “I wish every dog ​​owner would pick up after their dogs.”

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This walk helps inspire nine songs to help raise awareness about picking up injured people and dog rescues. To help us learn about both of these issues, I’ve been considering a tour across the US (“Don’t Fall Behind Poker Tour – June 2016”). We’ll make stops at local parks, dog poops, dog parks, and rescue animals. The amount of money raised will allow us to park more time, while also allowing us to make larger donations to dog rescue groups we meet on the road. Those shelters that need help to stay open or expand their facilities to help more dogs in need.

PG: Do you have a tour schedule yet?

Chad: It's in the works.  We still raise money, but regardless of whether we raise $500 or $50,000, the round "No Boo Gosette" For 2016 it will happen.  We plan to hit the open road on June 10th (it's my birthday, of course).  For now, we'll be stopping in Los Angeles, California.  Las Vegas, Nevada.  Ogden, Jotun; Denver, Colorado; Topeka, Kansas;  Jefferson City, MO Nashville, TN and Savannah, GA.  We will be adding more cities as the project is continually funded.
Chad: It’s in the works. We’re still raising money, but regardless of whether we raise $500 or $50,000, the 2016 La Peau Gouzette tour is going to happen. We plan to hit the open road on June 10th (it’s my birthday, of course). For now, we’ll be stopping in Los Angeles, California. Las Vegas, Nevada. Ogden, Jotun; Denver, Colorado; Topeka, Kansas; Jefferson City, MO Nashville, TN and Savannah, GA. We will add more cities as the project continues to be funded.

PG: What can the public expect on these tours?

Chad: You will be able to find us at local parks, dog parks and dog rescues in every city we visit (schedule will be updated on the website). If there’s a dog/rescue event happening at the same time we’re in every city, we plan to set up a booth or just walk around, giving out loads of poop bags, selling our poop scoops to raise money, and passing out flyers on why it’s so important to pick up after your dog . We hope to spread the word, not the feces! And of course, I’ll have my ukulele with me, so I’ll play some tunes from the CD, and take requests!

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PG: Why is it so important for people to pick up their dog’s poop?


Chad: There’s a common misconception that dog sedation is fertilizer – but it’s not! It contains harmful organisms such as giardia, salmonella, and Escherichia coli that can easily be transmitted to humans and other dogs. In most cities and states, it is the law to pick your own dog’s poop, which is also the kind of thing you must do. No one wants to know they have poo on their shoes after tracking it home.

PG: Where do you see your movement (get it — it’s poo!) going in the future?

Chad: Now that we’re done with our first unearthed run, we like to keep the momentum going. We were also considering adding a DNA Poop DNA to the collection. It’s a great idea for cities to implement, and parents who go backwards would have to pay for their own cleanliness. But we plan to continue our efforts to help dog rescues in need, and get some non-inflated uppers on our own.

PG: What can people do to spread your word about picking up poop?


Chad: Help us spread the word, not the poo! Fans can download our songs, buy the Sans Poo Left Back CD, and become a PUTP Walking Yard Sign (we have over 30 designs adorning T-shirts, tote bags, posters, and more)

Even better, you can start your own Bob Duke County Division. You can pass flyers in your area about the importance of picking up after your dog. If you see someone walking around suspiciously after their dog takes poop, ask them if they need a bag. If your dog whines next to a pile you left, use the same bag to pick them up, too. Hi, why not? You are already ahead, so help your neighborhood and save someone’s shoes!

There are a few ways you can support Chad and his Leave No Left Behind movement. You can buy his CD, which features timeless classics like “Pick Up The Poop Oh Yeah”; “Poo On My Shoe”; and “Tur City USA” (50 percent of proceeds from the CD are donated to dog rescue groups). You can also buy some sweet poop swag (trust me, you need two of these stickers). Or you can donate to the cause – every little counts. And check out their website to see when the No Poo Left Lost Tour is coming to your city!

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