Snitz Kickstarter puts fun into functionality with the 2023 Fleece BatHats and Hoodies

Snitz كيك ستارتر يضع المرح في وظيفية مع الصوف BatHats و Hoodies

Snitz Kickstarter puts fun into functionality with fleece BatHats and Hoodies

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Listen! This line of custom winter apparel keeps your dog’s ears warm.

We’ve created creatures of habit, animals so well-adapted that they decide they don’t like cold and snow and ice any more than we do when they’re not dressed.

So what’s to do when Rover gives us that “no chance, hey” sound like you’re picking up the handlebars and trying to get him out of the cold, scooping morning rut? Enter Dara Moss and her trademark BatHat stylin’ hats, hoodies and sportswear for dogs.

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Originally Dara started sewing togs for her ailing French Hilda who was unable to stand the cold. At the time, the products on the market were nice but offered no warmth or were functional and deadeningly boring. So like Goldilocks looking for the “just right” balance, it’s developed a third variation, a stylish thermal hoodie guaranteed to keep your bestie’s extremities warm. No no Those Limbs, his ears!

Dara’s brisk advances to her designs are, dare we say, a caliber recommended!

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Snorf Industries now produces outerwear that custom fits to the typical chest and shoulder dimensions of a French Bulldog with roomy pockets that reach up to bat ears. The use of high-quality Polartec Polar Fleece ensures that this set of Petkins provides superior protection from the elements while the patent pending design protects fragile ears from frostbite while also celebrating the breed’s distinctive trait. In addition to the original BatHat, Dara offers a more active pet-friendly version (BatHat Sport) as well as full-body versions (BatHat Hoodie and BatHat Winter Hoodie).

The good news is that Snorf Industries now produces sized goods for other breeds including English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers and Pugs. Even better, the Original BatHat works with most breeds with erect ears including Dobermans, Chihuahuas, Boston Terriers, Great Danes, and Pitbulls.

So Dara’s quick response to fill a growing market has turned it into a one-woman show with the need to expand its reach as it struggles to bring warmth to the ears of dogs around the world.

To move from her sweat shop (aka living room) to a production facility, she’s running a Kickstarter campaign with huge savings to be made. For just $18, you can choose from an Original BatHat, Original BatHat Sport, or Snorf Industries logo ‘t-shirt just for you! Large orders correspond to greater savings, and the opportunity to customize your purchase. With many industry endorsements and pet parents demanding about the quality of its gear, we think Dara is fair ear tags to success!

Of course, when your pet ignores you, you’ll never know if it’s “BatHat” or “eclectic” in play!

Grab a cart on the Snorf’s Kickstarter page or on the official website.

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