The 21 Cutest F****** Pup Moments Of 2015 2023

The 21 Cutest F ****** Pup Moments Of 2015

Of all the year-end countdowns to appear on this week’s timeline, this is the one that will make you feel so glad you’re about to see Lust of Dogs. Sure, she can be diabolical at times, but you have to admit — there’s nothing like a restless puppy to show “Awwwwws” from even the most fussy of humans.

Here are 21 times you can’t even handle a running pup in 2015.

1. Mysterious cute puppy throws a tantrum


This is one of my favorites, because this calf truly believes in his little heart that he is a dog. He even tried dog food. This commitment.

3. A puppy “screams” with all his might when he thinks his human is sad


“I can say we will be friends.”

I usually find raccoons creepy, mostly because they look like furry thieves, but this story just melted my heart. Dogs can teach us a thing or two about how to love others regardless of our differences.

6. 20 Instead of dogs showing their love for you on their nose


I don’t know about the rest of your youth, but I could stare at a dog’s face for ages. These pups have hearts on their noses, as if we needed another reason to love dogs.

7. Stephen King gets a corgi, and becomes obsessed with Awesome Dog Dad


This year the world found out that Stephen King, the King of Horror, is a mad dog lady. We are all better for it.

8. Pups predict the winner in college football, and we don’t care if they’re right


This one might make you cry (it still makes my eyes rain) because who doesn’t love a story of love and victory. Make sure you have the tissue ready because god can’t, it’s so pretty. * * inhale

11. Beagle’s life is changed forever when he meets his new sister for the first time


The internet hasn’t been the same since word got out that Fifty had gotten a puppy. It’s like these two important to make everyone lose the ability to deal with life. Look at them. How is this level of prayers even legal?

13. The Roly-Poly Bulldog is desperately seeking to ascend to the rightful throne


Nobody puts a puppy in a corner! Except for the puppy himself, that is. This bulldog is going places, for sure. They don’t want you to climb up the benches, but the key to success is to keep trying. Notice how I said more than success. 🔑

14. 20 [دزني] Worthy moments between dogs and deer


These dogs kissed deer and they loved it. Likely.

15. Doofy Pup Spooked By Their Own Hiccups, Trying To Scare Him Away With Woofs

This level of dingo behavior is only pawmissible when a puppy, especially a puppy this cute. Because otherwise, I’d be like, “Dude. Get it together. Look at your life. Look at your choices.”

16. Dog Rescue celebrates her first time on the bed with Wiggles & Grunts

Watching rescue dogs experience anything for the first time is life affirming. It is a representation of hope, all that is good, of the fact that dogs deserve better than sitting in a shelter hoping to be picked up by a family. This dog is all of those things, but cute and damn cute.

17. Flamy Malamute Totally Confused by Little Meows Kitten Out of Love

I’d also be flustered if I came across something small and fragile while I’m a hairy giant.

18. [دسنغ] embracing a dog [أبوسوم] baby girl after he was [موم] He was in a car

K #squadgoals Relationship expectations are skyrocketed again because of this pair making you feel like the one this holiday season.

19. A pit bull comes down with extreme cases of Zoomies when he reaches his forever home

What’s better than a Hooch zoomie on a Thursday…. two Hooch zoomies…this one’s for all the zoom nuts…. BOL…my mom had a close call on this one…I told her to stay on the porch…if she couldn’t zoom in with the big dogs….BOLHooch 🙂

Posted by Sammie The Pit Bull & Hooch on Thursday, July 2, 2015

Again, watching dogs experience something for the first time after not knowing what the future will be like for them is one of the most beautiful things. This Pittie is so happy it’s hard to argue against the idea that dogs know more than what we give them.

20. Hilarious Time Interval Golden Retriever puppies run to dinner

Hey. for me. darn. These puppies are the sweetest, and you can really see the different pawsonalities in this time lapse video. Also, how could that slippery not learn to stop on such a wide turn? Sheesh.

21. Toughness explodes into an explosion of happy ranting when he discovers he’s in a PetSmart

That’s how I feel when I go to Chipotle, except not to then scare E. coli because I have goals in life and one of them is to avoid poop particles as much as I can. But this is beside the point. This point is very excited Pug, okay?

What are your favorite beautiful moments of 2015? Let us know!

Featured image via Fifty Pit Bull Terriers

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