The Subterranean Hounds need to be fed to the TORUS Water Bowl 2023

كلاب الصيد الجوفية بحاجة لتغذية TORUS Water Bowl

Subterranean Hounds need to feed the TORUS Water Bowl

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Does your dog scoop up more water on the floor than it can in its mouth? Hayrex’s TORUS water bowl takes a “lick” and keeps kicking it…with pure water on demand.

A new water saucer from Heyrex aims to eliminate that mess with a spill-proof design. Meet TORUS, a new bowl designed to solve a number of water bowl puzzles.

First up is the format. TORUS (Latin for “round hollow”) is a circular vessel with an outer chamber that stores water inside. This allows the bowl to automatically replenish itself while keeping the stored water free of dust, debris and dog fur. The stored water can be held in place as well, with a valve so it can be packed up for travel. This shape is designed for travel with soft rubber feet and a low profile, both of which prevent it from sliding around in the back of a vehicle.

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But where does the water come from? That’s a great question! FILL UP THE TORUS’ RESERVOIR – It holds 1 to 2 liters, which will last about 2 to 3 days for most dogs. The bowl is designed to replenish water as your dog drinks from the bowl. Once you’ve filled the tank, you rotate the lid to the DROPLET/WAVE position and the water self Automatically dispenses by replenishing the well.Now when your dog needs to wet his whistle, he has access to cool, hydrated carbon-filtered water at any time.And you don’t have to worry about the TORUS being doused with water.That’s because this is one smart water bowl—its reservoir automatically dispenses about 300ml or just over a pint, and complete when the bowl is empty or less than 100ml or 0.2.

Next, a clean BPA-free plastic bowl cleans the water and delivers it to you. The activated carbon in the replaceable filter freshens the water, making it a great cat bowl, too. Five filters, which retail for about $18, should last one pet for about five months. These filters are essential to remove any impurities, ensuring that your pet has access to clean, fresh water, all the time.

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For those splashes and spills, the water in the bowl is kept at a comfortable level for your pet to drink from but not so much that water is everywhere. The company suggests that they are ideal for hiking and boating due to their water storage and minimal splashing.

There are similar bowls on the market, but TORUS differs from competing products because it requires no electricity – no power cords and no batteries needed. Filters are designed so that the water flows through, and that’s it!

TORUS is available in blue, red and grey. Pricing is $59.95 for the two-liter volume, and a smaller one-liter volume will be available for $54.95. You can buy your smart salad in the Heyrex online store.


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