Upsidedown The dog who sparked controversy gets to stay where he belongs

Upsidedown الكلب الذي أثار الجدل يحصل على البقاء حيث ينتمي - مدونة 2023

A photo of one dog rescue set the internet ablaze in a debate about the breed’s limitations, but justice prevailed and Digi made a huge difference!

when adopted [وترفورد] Resident, Michigan resident [دن] [تيلري] female dog [أدجبل] [ديجبي] he was very eager to share the [سترتست] Smile at all! Taking a great shot, the happiness that Diggy (originally called Sir Wiggleton) felt clearly shows and he didn’t think twice about it.

Unfortunately, not everyone was as fond of Diggy’s adorable cuppa, and many weren’t happy because they thought Diggy had broken the town’s breed restriction ordinance against Pit Bulls. Apparently, the rescue organization that helped rehom Diggy did all the work necessary to prove that Diggy wasn’t a pit bull, but an American bulldog, but still?

And the town decided they wanted Deeji gone, and they tried to evict him legally. We know we can’t even believe it either!

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Townspeople took their grievances to local law enforcement with a complaint that Tillery violated the townships of the Burch Legislature (BSL) and a police officer went to the house and actually *identified* Diggy as a pit-killer. Tillery, who has told supporters on social media that he doesn’t like controversy, sadly agrees to let Diggy go back to the rescue and avoid conflict within town.

This didn’t sit well with the hundreds, then thousands, who adored Diggis’ hilarious antics and Tillery’s obvious heartache over bringing him back. Supporters encouraged Tillery to fight the ordinance, as the town itself registered Digitai as a Native American, and so Digitai’s father decided to fight for his son!

Tillery consulted with and obtained verification from two local vets who established that Diggy was in fact an American bulldog. More than 111,000 borough supporters wrote and commented on social media supporting the effort to keep the new family together.

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This Tuesday, the court was in favor of Diggey, as Chief Justice of the 51st District Court, Justice Richard Kuhn, agreed with the consultations of all professionals confirming Digiti’s legacy and dismissing the breach of conviction against Tillery, enabling Digi to get to the truth and finally belong to his furever home. Tillery, who lives with his girlfriend, said he was glad the case had been resolved and that Digi could stay. He was thankful for the positive support and encouragement, but he and his girlfriend were already afraid that the town would take their sweet baby boy away.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen, and Tillery took to social media again, thanking his supporters for all the help and expressing his gratitude that his good son was safe.

#Diggydidit ineed!



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