Utah Doggie Daycare offers state-of-the-art gatherings for girls

يوتاه Doggie Daycare عروض تجمع من بين الفن للفتيات - مدونة 2023

Photos by: Trent Nelson/Salt Lake Tribune

Doggie Daycares thrives on the amenities they offer their canine clients, and one facility in Salt Lake, Utah offers an aquatic fitness center like no other – for dogs and their families!

DogMode is a day care and boarding facility in Salt Lake, Utah. It’s been open for 20 years, and it’s been serving Salt Lake City’s dogs for a long time. Owner Susan Butler says adding a dog pool is unlike any other dog pool, and says she was crazy enough to create it!

Officially located at the Aquatic Dog Fitness Center, the pool measures 45 feet long by 20 feet wide. The 5,000-square-foot facility has a lounge area with lockers, where spoiled friends can keep their items safe while they swim.

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Butler says that if you’re building a pool for your best friend, you might as well have him head the line. Speaking of which, you’d never know the facility is only for dogs — it’s treated like it’s fit for royalty, with eight filters cleaned daily and robotic pools cleaner.

And the prices are really reasonable! One or two dogs can swim for a half hour for just $25, or $30 for an hour, and pool manager and dog trainer David Valdez says the pool is better taken care of than most human pools! Pricing • Initial swim orientation (reservations required), $25 for 30 minutes for 1 or 2 dogs. $5 for each additional dog open swim, $15 for 30 minutes, $30 for 60 minutes; Swim reservation (reservation required), $60 for 30 minutes, $120 for 60 minutes, $5 for each additional dog

Valdez says they have a directive so he can ensure the dogs know how to swim, and then puppy parents can give their dogs away to daycare or boarding and, of course, now, swimming. Pet parents can even go in themselves and play with their dogs, which seems pretty amazing considering this is a pool that makes many swimmers salivate with jealousy.

Butler says the best part is watching some of the dogs just enjoy the pool with sheer joy, and seeing the families with their pets having fun. Better than Disneyland for dogs, says Valdez! It is a great exercise for dogs who may not be able to participate in activities that require more mobility.

During warm weather, DogMode has a rec area where after swimming, you can have a picnic or barbecue on artificial grass that is regularly cleaned and sanitized.

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Butler says the whole idea came when her husband, Brent, and Valdez met when Valdez was training their dogs to compete in diving. Valdez says he loves allowing dogs to have such fun, and there’s even a ramp/sidewalk that meets North American Dogs Organization specifications. They simultaneously hope to host dock diving competitions.

Butler says that in the day and age of the most plentiful pet dogs, this complex takes climbing to an all-new level.

But best of all, it’s fun, she says, and dogs apparently think that too!

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