VetPronto is like Uber, but for pet patients

VetPronto هو مثل اوبر ، ولكن بالنسبة للمرضى الحيوانات الأليفة - مدونة 2023

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Getting the vet to make house calls? Trust us your pets will thank you.

This might be the simplest thing we’ve seen in a long time.

Just like Uber allows you to hail a cab as fast as your fingers can type, VetPronto is here to provide on-demand veterinary service — in your home, no less.

We all know that getting our furry friends to the vet can often be a struggle. They could get restless and panicky in an unfamiliar place, or we know they get too excited in the dumps and don’t want to subject them to bumpy car rides.

Well, if you are based in the Seattle area, you may not have to worry anymore.

“We were talking to a group of pet owners about the challenges with veterinary care, and they pretty much unanimously told us that getting to the vet was a huge pain,” says co-founder Joe Waltman. “We made a fairly clear realization that there might be an opportunity to provide a great home call service.”

VetPronto works through a mobile app that you can install on your phone. With the push of a few buttons, you can have a vet come to your home at a specific time. While you’ll be able to check availability and make appointments on your end, vets will be able to use their smartphones, too – to access pet information and upload medical records.

While there are other ambulatory veterinary services in Seattle, Waltman says there are a few things that separate them: flexible scheduling, no waiting rooms or potential injuries from other animals and “clear and transparent pricing.”

For example, there is a flat rate of $129 for a vet call, which includes the visit, exam, and questions and answers. If needed, you can also add additional services like vaccinations on top of the base fee: It costs an extra $59 for a vaccination package or $25 for an individual vaccine. The diagnostic package, which includes things like blood work, needle biopsies or stool analysis, is $99.

While it may be pricier than your average vet (depending on where you live), you know upfront how much you’ll be paying, which isn’t often the case at your traditional vet clinic. Most importantly, your pet gets to stay in a comfortable and safe home environment instead of feeling sick and stressed in the exam room.

Right now, there are three vets on the VetPro team, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that number grows in the near future.

Although VetPronto is currently only found in the Seattle area, we think this is an idea that is sure to catch on.

You can learn more about VetPronto by visiting their website.

What is your opinion? Have you ever used a mobile veterinary service before, or have you been?

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