Need to Know About Asbestos Management Plan

ALL YOU Need to Know About Asbestos Management Plan:

If you are in the construction industry then you must know that asbestos is a toxic substance which can be found in several construction materials. Inspection of the site before working on it is very important.

Any presence found in the premises must be handled and extracted with extreme precaution. Because asbestos can easily contaminate the environment and make it hazardous for people visiting the area.

A proper asbestos management plan is important to be put in place before performing any work on site. Below we have discussed all the essential things that you must know about asbestos management plans.

What is an Asbestos Management Plan?

It is basically a vital document prepared for registering and detailing how the asbestos present on site shall be managed. The document contains the list of activities that will be put in place for keeping the people on the premises safe and preventing any exposure to it.

To be precise, this document is designed to be simple and located centrally that includes the following details:

–        The individual or group of individuals involved for managing asbestos

–        A register that clearly includes the details of asbestos survey conducted

–        Details of scheduled or ongoing work that may interrupt ACMs (Asbestos-Containing Materials)

–        A detailed timetable of activities for keeping track of any ACMs

–        List of instructions to the people that may cause disturbance to asbestos

The asbestos management plan is usually a paper-based document, however, today an increasing number of companies find it easy to be prepared in a computerised way.

When is an Asbestos Management Plan required?

A plan is required when there is presence of asbestos or ACMs on the premises. Therefore, before anything else a thorough survey must be performed on site to learn about the presence of ACMs.

If the results from the survey confirm the presence of asbestos on site then an asbestos management plan is required. However, you must know that this plan is not a one-time activity but you have to keep up with it, monitor and maintain.

Roles & Responsibilities in Asbestos Management

The main person who is responsible for keeping the plan up-to-date is the duty holder. By duty holder, we mean the property owner or an individual who has exclusive responsibility of the building through employment contract or tenancy agreement.

The duty holder as a compliance to follow asbestos management plan must perform the following:

–        Finding out the areas where ACMs are present, the amount of asbestos present and what is the current condition of the ACMs

–        Assess potential risks and how the substance can impact the occupants of the property or building

–        Documenting the management plan and implementing it immediately

–        Providing the prepared plan to anyone who comes in contact with ACMs on site

As mentioned earlier an asbestos management plan isn’t a one-time thing. It must be updated and reviewed from time to time. With proper planning one can successfully avoid any hazardous situation on the property.

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