Although most vegetable plants need full sun to grow the fresh foods we prefer, some vegetables and fruits can grow partially. For many edible parts, plants are grown without flowers and fruits developed by the sun. Also, plants add greenery to the environment and are air-purifying plants and can become valuable gifts to your loved ones to add greenery and fresh air for them. So, send indoor plants online to Delhi at their doorsteps.

Love to grow your food, but have minimal to the sun all day; don ‘t worry – you are still well within your scope for an abundant harvest. Like gardeners growing them, several vegetables during the hottest months of the growing season would enjoy a little relief heat. We will talk about vegetables that grow in the shade in today’s blog. Read it on, and scroll down to know your mini garden plants that will grow in the shade.

10 plants that grows in partial sunlight:


Broccoli is a flowering vegetable plant. It is an annual al vegetable crop for its dense leavy head. It performs growth well in complete sunlight and partial sunlight. So if you lack space in your garden, you can also plant in corners they will harvest in partial sunlight.


Planting broccoli ensures you’ re able to raise cauliflower plants quickly. Cauliflower can tolerate a little cold, so for the greenhouse, this is a pleasant last minute. This works a little bit, especially if you want a sweet-tasting white cauliflower, as it needs to be fluffed.


Asparagus plants are annual harvesting plants. They are most probably grown in late spring and early summer. They cannot tolerate weeds and can prefer full sunlight and partial sunlight.


Cabbage is a cool-weather crop that develops into round leaf that that wrap around each other tightly. Cabbage will grow well in partial shade, especially when the weather is hot.


These plants fall into the category of leafy plants. They bend leaves towards the approaching of summer sunshine. They are grown well in shady. They harvest more up to 2-3 weeks when planted in its season.


This green leafy plant is filled with iron and many useful nutrients require by our body. So, grow these plants either in starting months or end months as it yields more in partial sunlight. During mid-season, sunlight is maximum, and it does not prefer full sunlight.

Brussel Sprouts

The Brussels sprouts are similar and look-alike small cabbage. They also fall in the category of less sunlight requirement plant. They grow well in partial sunlight and make a great dish. So bring these plants at home or order online plants from a local nursery to enjoy the greenery.


Carrots belong to the family of non-rooted plants. So, their growth is sufficient in partial sunlight, and they prefer the cooler temperature to grow. So, search for a place with partial sunlight and grow these carrots to get enough vitamin A for your body.


We all know potatoes are grown underground. They exist under the soil and do not require much sun of eight.2-3 hours of sunlight is sufficient for its requirement in a day.


Basil can be seen in every household. It grows well during the rainy season. It requires sunlight but sustains part partially l. It will still be green leafy.

So, these were some of the shade-growing vegetable plants. You can now have a small garden of your own where you can grow your veggies that grow in partial shade or full shade. And adorn it with plants that are hanging. Happy horticulture!

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