هل القطط تسعة أرواح حقا؟ - سلوك 2023

Do cats really have nine lives?

How many times has my Persian-mixed cat dodged in front of a car, jumped out a window, fought a dog or jumped into a cat fight that I seriously started…
13 قطط في القبعات - مضحك 2023

13 Cats In Hats – Funny 2023

There is something undeniable about cats that wear hats. Don't get me wrong, cats have to be pretty tolerant of allowing headgear, and some clearly hate it. (The Cat in…
الخاطبة الغامضة يرتب عرس القط للموسم - بديع 2023

The mysterious matchmaker arranges the cat’s wedding for the season

It's not every day that you get invited to a wedding for cats. Even stranger is when you learn that one of the first two are bonding in your marriage.…
دراسة المطالبات القطط والرضع يتعرضون لالكيمياوية الخطرة وجدت في المنتجات المنزلية اليومية - الصحة 2023

The study claims cats and babies are exposed to dangerous chemicals found in everyday household products

Many precautions go into creating our everyday household items, such as furniture and electronics, but the flame retardants that supposedly improve fire safety can pose a health risk. …
حمية محلية الصنع للقطط مع الفشل الكلوي 2023

Homemade diet for cats with kidney failure 2023

Chronic renal (kidney) failure in cats is a common problem as pets age, especially those who have been fed a diet of primarily dry cat food. Switching to homemade cat…

Mood of cats orange cats 2023

Olivia_Hoover | Editor | E-mail Cats come in a wide range of colours, from black or white to grey, brown and orange.…
6 سوبر أسباب خطيرة لماذا القطط السوداء هي رهيبة

6 Super Serious Reasons Why Black Cats Are AWESOME 2023

Olivia_Hoover | Editor | E-mail Photo: Ulyana/Bigstock It's Black Cat Appreciation Day! We believe they should be celebrated all year long, so…
5 حقائق مثيرة للاهتمام حول القطط Tabby

5 interesting facts about Tabby Cats 2023

Images via: Redmark/Bigstock One of the most popular types of cat, the Tabby is a wonderful feline. But we bet you didn't know these facts about hooded cats. Tabby cats…