التهاب الكبد غير المعدية في الكلاب - سلوك 2023

Non-infectious hepatitis in dogs

In its simplest form, hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver, which is the first organ in your pup's body to come into contact with toxins. Sometimes, your dog will…
قلق الضجيج في الكلاب - سلوك 2023

Noise anxiety in dogs – Behavior 2023

Does your dog turn into a trembling scaredy dog ​​when exposed to certain sounds? While some dogs don't pay attention to loud noises, some are freaked out by them. Since…
الإفراط في الوزن والبدانة في الكلاب - سلوك 2023

Overweight and obesity in dogs

Overeating and obesity are sensitive topics around the dinner table in many American homes, and the same is true of the dog plate. From constant fast food that packs on…
ما هي أفضل حارس الكلاب؟ - سلوك 2023

What are the best guard dogs?

Guard dogs are loyal, brave, and are chosen mainly because they protect their territory. There are "watch dogs" that bark at the sight of a stranger or a…
لدينا كلاب المفضلة من Instagram - جيد 2023

Our favorite dogs from Instagram

With so many web celebrities on Instagram, it was hard to narrow down our top picks - but we finally did! Check out our list of follow-up pups below (in…
لماذا البروتين الأساسي في حمية الكلب؟ - الصحة 2023

Why is protein essential in a dog’s diet?

Photo by: Yastremska / Bigstock For optimal wellness, dogs need a well-balanced diet that includes high-quality proteins. This is why protein is so important to your dog's health. All animals…
لماذا دائرة الكلاب قبل الاستلقاء؟ - الصحة 2023

Why do dogs circle before lying down?

Photos by: Svetography / Bigstock Watching your dog trying to find a place to relax can make you dizzy! Have you ever wondered why dogs roll before lying down? Dogs…
معركة بين ناقلات بريد USPS والكلاب تواصل - مدونة 2023

A battle between USPS mail carriers and dogs continues

Photo: Javier Broch/Bigstock It's not just vulgar. The US Postal Service tracks data, and it shows that dog attacks on mail carriers are on the rise. But new safety measures…
يعتقد مقتطعة ، تكاثر الكلاب البرية في غينيا الجديدة المرتفعات - مدونة 2023

Thought truncated, wild dogs breed in the New Guinean highlands

Photo by: New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Union Scientists believe that the wild wild dogs of New Guinea are extinct in their natural habitat. But the researchers confirmed that roaming…
تظهر النقوش القديمة إظهار الكلاب المبكرة - مدونة 2023

Old engravings show early dogs

Photos by: Maria Guagnin A new study reveals that the amazing carvings of ancient hunters show him dogs beside him, and most surprisingly, the dogs on a leash. I like…