أعمى امرأة رؤية دليل الكلب لأول مرة هو أكثر شيء نقي من أي وقت مضى - جيد 2023

A blind woman seeing a guide dog for the first time is the most pure thing ever

Pull the Kleenex close because this next story will give you all the fuzzy vibes. In 2004, Mary Sedgwick was diagnosed with bilateral optic neuritis, an "myelinitis of the optic…
قبل الميلاد المشرعين تسقط على دليل مقلدي الكلب - مدونة 2023

BC legislators fall for guide dog imitators

Photos by: bobbymn / Animal impersonation is on the rise, and Canadian provincial officials are looking to put an end to it through tougher legislation. They are obedient, they…
إنشاء الحدود: دليل خطوة بخطوة لتدريب آباء وأمهات آخرين - الكلاب 2023

Creating boundaries: A step-by-step guide to coaching other parents

You know that feeling. You're having a good time at the park with your best friend, when a parent yells if a dog yells or physically confronts a dog in…
what is workers comp

What Is Workers Comp? A Detailed Guide

  Employees can be injured regardless of the type of business you run. Fortunately, workers’ compensation insurance, commonly known as workers’ comp, can assist in providing your employees with the…