5 Things to Check Out Before Buying Face Shields

5 Things to Check Out Before Buying Face Shields:

Ever since the pandemic hit us, several tools have become essentials that help prevent being exposed to the virus. These PPE tools have become a daily part of our lives. From face masks to gloves, a lot of items are available in the market.

Especially the healthcare industry needed to buckle up their safety routine as they are at high risk of being contaminated. This is why to add an extra layer of protection, medical face shield Ireland and in more countries are used.

However, before you purchase a face shield it is important to know a few things beforehand. Below we have listed a few things that can guide you to buy the right face shields.

1.    Specifications

For any product purchase, the first thing that you must check out is the specifications of the item. And as for face shields, you need to be thorough when going through the specifications.

See how thick the face shield is? Is there any multi-layer thickness? Does the face shield reach below the chin? Is the visibility from your face shield enough? You can never ask too many questions and it is absolutely okay to get them confirmed.

2.   Authenticity

Confirm if the manufacturer that you are purchasing the face shield from, has the authenticity to manufacture health care industry tools. The main idea here is to know whether the manufacturing company has customers that belong to the healthcare industry.

If the hospitals trust the brand then you can be assured that the face shields are reliable and authentic enough to give you much-needed protection.

3.   Comfort and Fit

Face shields need to be comfortable and accurately fitted. Health care professionals are required to wear face shields at stretch. It becomes difficult if the face shields are not comfortable enough.

Therefore, make sure the material used for the making of shields is easy on your skin. Also, check if the fit of the face shields are perfect. It would be effective only when the fit is right. We recommend to go for adjustable ones that can be fitted as per your preference.

4.   Assembly and Shipping

Sanitation and hygiene is key when you are buying PPE tools. If the face shields are not assembled in a sterile environment then there is no purpose of wearing it. Therefore, choose a manufacturing company that pays extra attention to the assembly process.

Also, make sure to check out that they go the extra mile to ensure safe shipping of your ordered item. Both assembly and shipping must be done maintaining proper hygiene.

5.   Responsive

Lastly, check if the company from where you are ordering your medical face shield Ireland or any other locations is responsive to their customers. Call or email them to know about their attentiveness toward their customers.

If they go unanswered then see that as a red flag and steer clear away from the company. After all, you want the best manufacturers to place your face shield order with.

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